How to apply for “eDDA Deposit” service?

1. Please use a bank account in Hong Kong to apply for “eDDA Deposit” service.
2. Your bank account name for “eDDA Deposit” service application must exactly match the name on your KGI account and your registered bank account.
3. Your HKID number for “eDDA Deposit” service application must exactly match KGI’s record. Some banks may also require your mobile phone number. (Third party transfer is not allowed. Otherwise, refund fee incurred will be borne by client)


How soon will my “eDDA Deposit” service authorization be effective?

We will process your “eDDA Deposit” service application immediately. The actual effective time is subject to your bank’s processing time (usually 3-5 working days).


How to cancel my “eDDA Deposit” service?

You can cancel your eDDA via your bank.


Do I need to provide any Deposit Slip if I use “eDDA Deposit”?

“eDDA Deposit” provides 24-hour instant fund deposit, no Deposit Slip required.


What is the “eDDA Deposit” service time?

We provide 24-hour “eDDA Deposit” service from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). The transfer will be initiated on a real-time basis, so your deposit is made available right away.


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