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Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

Stock settlement of Shanghai A Shares under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect is on trade date (“T”). Settlement currency is Renminbi (RMB) and board lot size is 100 shares. Fund is settled before 10:00am on T + 1 day.

Day trading of the same stock is not allowed. Stocks purchased on a trade day (“T”) cannot be disposed of until the next trade day (T+1).

Daily price fluctuations in Shanghai A Shares are limited to within 10% of the previous day’s closing prices (Subject to change on the regulatory requirements of relevant China Stock Exchanges)

Trading hours for the Shanghai Stock Exchange are Monday to Friday:

Trading sessionHong Kong Time
Opening Call Auction09:15 – 09:25
Continuous Auction09:30 – 11:30
13:00 – 14:57
Closing Call Auction14:57 – 15:00

Online trading service: Up to 0.25%, minimum fee is RMB$100

Hotline trading service: Up to 0.5%, minimum fee is RMB$100


Handling Fee: 0.00487%
Securities Management Fee: 0.002%
Transfer Fee 0.004% on face value per side
Stamp Duty: 0.1% (Sell only)
Portfolio Fee: 0.008% (Daily Stock portfolio value x 0.008% / 365 , Accrued daily and collected on a monthly basis)

Customer Services: (direct line (852) 2878 0369 or toll-free number 0080-185-6155)
Stock Trading: (direct line (852) 2878 0362 or toll-free number 0080-185-6236)

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