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Fixed Income Fund

Fixed Income Fund

Fixed income fund primarily invests in debt instrument issued by corporate and government. Returns are generated from interest of the underlying bonds and trading bonds in the market.

Fixed Income funds include government bond funds, investment-grade bond funds, high-yield bond funds, emerging market bond funds, Asian bond funds, RMB bond funds and convertible bond funds.

Top 5 Performing Funds

FundBase CurrencyFund Size
 Overall Risk GradingYTD
3Y (Annualized)
5Y (Annualized)
Franklin Floating Rate A USD DisUSD719medium0.16(0.20)(0.06)0.954.280.100.82
BNP Paribas Glb Infl-Lnkd Bd Cl CapEUR697medium(6.30)(3.25)(4.40)(5.34)(0.80)2.000.88
AB Mortgage Income A2 USDUSD1,047medium(2.07)0.34(1.97)(2.13)(0.94)(0.09)1.40
ChinaAMC Select RMB Bond AUSD87*medium(2.63)(0.54)(2.42)(1.19)(1.61)(0.53)0.67
CSOP Shen Zhou RMB AUSD134medium(0.63)(0.10)0.00(1.54)(1.85)(0.58)0.78

Source: Morningstar (as of 06/30/22)
*Source: Morningstar (as of 05/31/22)

Main Risks

Fixed income funds are generally considered as lower risk-return investments than equity funds, which helps to diversify the risk of an investment portfolio. The risk of investing in fixed-income assets may include the fluctuation in interest rates, fluctuation in exchange rates and changes to credit rating of bonds.

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